Want to hire someone for $10 a day, run food 400 times per day, sing happy birthday to customers with a smile, patiently answer any questions, always show up on time, and never complain?

A human cannot, but robots can. Robots offload repetitive jobs from humans and make our life easier and more relaxed.

Focused on commercial service robots, we provide robots for food and beverage delivery, bussing, hosting, and room services that are used in restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc.

Our innovations with customers have been well recognized and reported by media like Dallas Morning News, CNN, NBC, CBS, People, etc.

With our headquarters in Plano Texas, American Robotech serves our customers all over the USA. Our robot deployment center has helped hundreds of customers with their robot journey.

“Robotics for a better life!”, welcome to contact us for a demo, or join us.




Office Address: 5600 Tennyson Pkwy, Suite 175, Plano, TX 75024

Hotline: +1 (469) 573-0108

Email: contact@americanrobotech.com