Why use delivery robot?

Robots are always on time and don't need breaks, helping to counter workforce shortages. With a lifespan of 5 years, a robot's daily expense amounts to merely $10.

Eliminate the occurrence of unintentional food spills through the use of robotic food delivery, resulting in potential monthly savings of hundreds of dollars.

The robot's capacity to transport a greater number of plates, enables it to deliver an entire table's meal in a single trip, even when dealing with very hot dishes.

The robot has the potential to function as a highly effective marketing tool for advertising the restaurant and enticing more customers to come and dine.

Practical Applications

Choices of Intelligent Delivery Robot


Premium Delivery Robot



AI Delivery Robot


Building Delivery Robot

PuduBot 2

Universal Delivery Robot


Advertising Delivery Robot


Bussing Robot


High efficiency Delivery Robot