An Intelligent Delivery Robot

PUDU SLAM Contactless Autonomous Delivery Robot


PUDU SLAM is a new technology, integrated SLAM solution based on Lidar, Camera, UWB, RGBD, IMU, Encoder, and multiple sensors. This solution can ensure that the robot performs tasks more efficiently in a mixed environment.


The safety and obstacle avoidance performance has been greatly improved, and the probability of touching suspended objects or other blind spot obstacles has been greatly reduced, in addition to Lidar, multiple visual sensors are added to enable the robot to upgrade from 2D plane perception to 3D environment detection of the whole body.


Compared to traditional 2D radar, 3D stereo sensors can quickly stereo model the surrounding environment, which can greatly reduce the probability of security accidents.

  • All-Aluminum Frame
    • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy
  • Adjustable Trays
    • 3* metal trays (42×50cm)
    • 7 levels of adjustment
  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
    • 2*RGBD depth cameras
  • Lidar
    • Customized lidar, doubles the accuracy of obstacle avoidance
  • Visual Camera Positioning
    • Top infrared camera for real-time positioning, set up the complete visual positioning solution
  • Optional Enclosed Box
    • Large 100L capacity
    • press button for opening
  • Independent Linkage Suspension
    • Auto-level independent linkage suspension system with self-adaptive road detection and highly effective shock filtering to avoid bumps