Robot Food Runner for Hiring

Is your restaurant hiring waitstaff? I might be able to help!

I can make hundreds of deliveries a day without ever feeling tired. I can carry over a dozen plates at once, delivering a whole table’s food in one trip. I never take a day off, and I’m always punctual.

Not only that, but I can also entertain customers and sing them “Happy Birthday” to make them happy. I can save you money and attract more customers, helping you earn more. I only need $10/day, work for you for 5 years, and don’t even ask for a raise.

Robot Food Runner Trial Plan:

Trial Period: Two weeks, Cost: $299

Locations: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Kansas City, Little Rock. Other cities beyond 100 miles will have additional shipping fees.

At the end of the trial, installation, and shipping are free upon purchase or leasing. Otherwise, the robot will be returned at no extra cost. Trial applications are subject to approval by American Robotech.

Promotion Period: August to December 2023

Hotline: +1 (469) 573-0108